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Sponsored by Amateur Television Quarterly Magazine

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Contest period 00:00z 06/01/04 to 00:00z 09/01/04

Contest goal: To raise activity and promote long haul contacts on ATV Participants must hold at least a Technician class license and be within the boundaries of North America, Alaska or Hawaii. In case of multiple Ham occupants, they may share equipment during the contest so long as the intent is not merely to manufacture points. All occupants who enter must submit their own log.

Schedules: The use of schedules is allowed, and can be made by any means available. The use of 144.340 MHz national ATV calling frequency is also allowed and encouraged.

REPEATER CONTACTS DO NOT COUNT, Distance calculations will be between both stations in the QSO with no relay allowed.

Exchange: Call sign with at least P-1 video on any amateur band 70cm and above.

MOBILE or PORTABLE stations must exchange their location at the time of contact as determined by portable GPS or other verifiable means.

VIEWER: Station does not have to exchange any video but must be a licensed amateur and confirm at least a P-1 reception report to the transmitting station via 2 meters or another amateur band.

CLASSES: There will be 4 classes for participants:

HOME: Primary location of residence with Fixed Antenna structure. Minimum distance for repeat contacts (75 Miles)

PORTABLE: Station can be set up just for the contest and may not operate from any other location during the contest period. Minimum distance for repeat contacts (50 Miles)

MOBILE: Station can operate stopped or while moving but all antennas must be affixed to the mobile unit and capable of transmit while in motion. Minimum distance for repeat contacts (25 Miles)

VIEWER: Station must be able to receive video at P- I signal level and relay report to the transmitting station. Minimum distance for repeat contacts with this class is determined by the transmitting stations type or class.

Scoring System: Each valid contact will be awarded points for the mileage between the two stations on an ever-increasing difficulty per frequency basis as follows:

70cm - 2 points per mile

33cm - 4 points per mile

23cm - 6 points per mile

13cm and above gets 10 points per mile!

A station can be worked for points only once unless they are a minimum distance apart as specified by the class of entry. (See CLASSES) and then they may be worked once in a calendar month through the contest period.

The distance between stations will be calculated by the Maidenhead Grid and sub grid identifier coordinates listed on and rounded down to the nearest mile. Every effort should be made by entrants to verify or update their information before the contest starts. If you do not have Internet to look up a stations coordinates please ask the other station, if they do not know then leave the mileage column blank and it will be determined by the verifier. No changes can be made to coordinates once the contest starts unless you move.

Distance will be calculated with the (Bearing and Distance) DOS program by W9IP that
is used by the ARRL for distance records.

LOG's: All logs must be in a standard format as specified below:


Your log information should also include your Name, Address, your Maidenhead Grid
and sub grid identifier coordinates, and a list of equipment used.

Logs can be submitted by email or regular mail and must be received by September 15th
to be eligible for contest Awards. Send the logs to:

ATVQ Contest
5931 Alma Dr.
Rockford, IL 61108

or to:

AWARDS: All Scores will be published in ATVQ and certificates will be awarded for the top three
scores in each class. The highest overall score of the contest will receive the OVERALL WINNER PLAQUE

Thanks to Bob Delaney, KA9UVY, for putting this contest idea together!


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