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Welcome to the Southern Illinois Amateur televison Group Home page


The Southern Illinois ATV Group is centered in and around Mt Vernon Illinois

Click here for a map of the area

Our group uses 439.250 AM horizontal for video and 144.340 for talk around. There are some of us who also have vertical antennas that can be switched in line for a vertical contact.  We also work 1.2 GHZ FM TV using horizontal polarity.

Someone from our group is usually around during the evening hours, 8 to 10 central time. Also it's possible to catch someone in the pre-work hours of the morning.  Since we don't have an ATV repeater in the area, we are always looking for  DX contacts, with some in our group having E mail capabilities, feel free to drop us a note to set up a schedule.




Current Happenings

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Here is a list of our group.

Bob  KA9UVY Mt. Vernon IL.

Shannon KC9BIE Mt. Vernon IL.

Glen W9TZB Mt Vernon IL.

Doug KA9JJS Mt Vernon IL.

Ed AA9EE Mt Vernon IL.

Flip N9AZZ West Frankfort IL.

Rich W9AZZ West Frankfort IL.

Matt N9TWH Johnston City IL

Bruce WA9APQ Carterville IL.

Len WA9IZV Boyleston IL. (Fairfield)

Bruce N9UQD Wayne City IL.

Victor N9PRP Richview IL.

 KA9EGM Centralia IL.

Dave N9SHA Thompsonville IL.



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1.2 GHz Experiment 

Great Mobile experiment

Have you ever made 3 trips up the tower, get down, find out that the camera shot craps, fix that, turn the ATV rig on, blow a fuse, finally get everything working, and find out that all the ATVers went to bed? This may look like you.

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