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ATV Captures

This is some of the local guys, for shots of stations out of the area see the links below.

rec'd @ N9AZZ 26.6 mile path(WA9IZV) Rec'd @ N9AZZ 41.0 mile pathRec'd @ N9AZZ 30.1 mile path

    Rec'd @ N9AZZ 36.5 mile pathRec'd @ N9AZZ at 43.3 mile path(N9UQD) Rec'd @ N9AZZ 35.7 mile path

    Rec'd @ KA9UVY 26.6 mile pathRec'd @ N9AZZ 15.2 mile pathRec'd @ KA9UVY 23.4 mile path on 900 MHz AM

    (KA9UVY) Rec'd @ KA9JJS 2.4 GHz FM 4.58 mile pathRec'd @ N9AZZ 6.09 mile pathN9UQD 10 watt mobile Rec'd @ N9AZZ 35.57 miles

    Rec'd @ KA9UVY 26 mile pathRec'd @ N9AZZ 26.6 mile pathRec'd @ N9AZZ 6.69 mile path

Rec'd @ N9AZZRec'd @ KA9UVY


Other Illinois Stations

Indiana Stations

Missouri Stations

Kentucky Stations

Ohio Stations

Michigan Stations

Tennesee Stations

Arkansas Stations

Minnesota Stations

Iowa Stations

Kansas Stations

We have worked many more stations in the mid west, but sometimes it is difficult to obtain a screen capture of a weak contact. Want to see your slide here? Work us on ATV!


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